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Find Out How Our Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Process Works

Alpine Water Store’s pro-series water store system utilizes a 14-stage water purification process that includes a combination of high-capacity water softening, activated carbon adsorption, and sediment filtration together with reverse osmosis, solid carbon block polishing, one micron absolute filtration, ultraviolet light sterilizing, and a “patented” process that enhances the flavour and texture of our water. We also follow stringent quality control procedures on a daily basis, resulting in an incredibly clear, great-tasting drinking water that’s virtually free of chlorine, organic chemicals, dissolved solids, and harmful bacteria. Even the taste of coffees, teas, and concentrated juices is dramatically improved with our reverse osmosis water in Grande Prairie.

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Here’s how it works:

Stage 1 – Activated Carbon Adsorption

A high-grade, commercial-quality, activated carbon filter that removes or substantially reduces chlorine and a wide range of volatile halogens, pesticides, herbicides, and industrial solvents, such as THMs, TCEs, Benzene, EDB, Trichloro-ethane, DBCP, Dichloropropane, and Dichloroehtelyne, as well as many other harmful and foul-tasting odours.

Stage 2 – ION Exchange Water Softening

This stage removes calcium and magnesium, the hardness minerals, and keeps the reverse osmosis (RO) system running longer and more efficiently, while reducing maintenance, which ultimately produces a higher-quality water.

Stage 3 – 20 Micron Particulate

Filtration: This filter removes minute particles of iron, dust, organic debris, mould, pollen, sand, silt, and other sediment to eight times smaller than the visible range of the human eye.

Stage 4 – 5 Micron Particulate

Filtration: This filter removes even finer particles of iron, dust, organic debris, mould, pollen, sand, silt, and other sediment to 40 times smaller than the range of the human eye.

Stage 5 – 200 PSI Booster Pump

Alpine Water Store’s multi-stage booster pump boosts the city water pressure to a point where pure water percolates through the reverse osmosis membrane. A stainless steel pump is used for a higher quality and longer pump life.

Stage 6 – Reverse Osmosis Membrane – TFC Type

This is a process whereby water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, separating the dissolved minerals from the “permeate” or purified water. Reverse osmosis is recognized by the World Health Organization as “the most efficient and cost-effective means of improving drinking water quality.” Typically, reverse osmosis membranes remove over 98% of all dissolved minerals and metals from water.

Stage 7 – Microprocessor Control System

Alpine Water Store’s system utilizes a computer control module that constantly monitors the water produced to make sure that it’s of top quality. An alarm will sound if the water is “out of spec” and will shut down automatically if the situation is not corrected.

Stage 8 – Patented Flavour and Texture Enhancing Process

Once water has been purified, it can taste flat or lifeless. Alpine Water Store passes its purified water through a patented device that actually restores the natural energy and vitality of the water. This process provides a dramatic improvement in both the flavour and the texture of the water, which makes Alpine Water Store’s water vastly different from other “run-of-the-mill” purified waters.

Stage 9 – Protected Storage

Once the pure water has been produced, it is stored in food-grade, FDA-approved water storage tanks. These tanks are vented through a 1 micron absolute filter, which protects the water from harmful entities that could otherwise enter the storage tanks and contaminate the water.

Stage 10 – Re-Pressurization Pump

Alpine Water Store’s state-of-the-art pumping system uses a water-cooled stainless steel pump for long life and to prevent contamination of the purified water.

Stage 11 – Solid Block Carbon Filter – 5 Micron

This solid block carbon filter provides a second line of filtration to remove the last possible trace of organic chemicals and polish the flavour of the water prior to dispensing.

Stage 12 – 1 Micron Absolute Filtration

An extremely fine sediment filter removes even the smallest of possible minute particles left in the water.

Stage 13 – Ultraviolet Protection

The ultraviolet (UV) lamp sanitizer passes water through the UV sanitizer prior to reaching the bottle. It’s used to eliminate bacteria, viruses, cysts, and pathogens and exceeds all specified sterilizing capacity requirements.

Stage 14 – Clean-in-Place System

Alpine Water Store uses a special clean-in-place system to periodically circulate a cleaning and sterilizing solution through all the lines on the system. This system ensures that there are no bacteria or viruses trapped in any nooks or crannies of the piping system. By following a simple periodic maintenance schedule, Alpine Water Store is assured that the water flowing from our faucets is of the best possible quality.

To learn more about our reverse osmosis water purification process in Grande Prairie, we invite you to contact us via phone or email. We look forward to serving you as best we can!

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